Cogitations & Depictions

The Wisdoms of Paul Crisanti

Cogitations & Depictions is the brainchild of Chicago based multi-media artist, Paul Crisanti. This social-art project had it’s beginning in 2015 when Crisanti started making daily Facebook posts that included both written observations, personal statements and images.

In this current form, he has created and curated seventeen themes. An important element of the project was to invite people of all ages, backgrounds and disciplines participate in reading his posted observations and statements. All participants were asked to choose a theme and record the reading using their mobile devices. The act of speaking into the mobile device that we often use to view posts involves a personal performance for each reader allowing the work to have new and shared relationship. It was also important to have a variety of readers, from first time readers to professionals in the theater and film media. The project offers the participants an opportunity for creative collaboration and personal expression.

Cogitations & Depictions is meant provide a source of positivity in a world of noise and abundant negativity, which bombards us daily. So select, read, listen, and look.