Great Photographers: Frank Hurley

IF you have never heard of or know little about the 1914 Shackleton expedition to the Antarctic, you are missing one of the greatest survival adventures of all time, made even more amazing by the incredible visual and verbal record of photographer Frank Hurley.

This story is told wonderfully in the 2000 documentary "The Endurance".  Self-taught  and determined, he first went to Antarctica in 1911 as photographer for the Douglas Mawson expedition. A true pioneer in every sense of the word, what set his work apart from the beginning was a then new approach, instead of taking the typical poses shots, he focused on the environment, accurately documenting the experience of the party.  In adddition to his work with stills he also manned the movie camera.

It was the showing of his film "Home of the Blizzard" in England that convinced audience member Ernest Shakleton to hire Hurly for is planned expedition of 1941.

The ordeal of "The Endurance", and the chronicle of it in the work of Frank Hurley never fails to awe me. For more insight to this man and his experiences, you may may enjoy reading from his dairies as well. I strongly encourage to research him further, and by all means see the documentary. Frank Hurley is truly one of the great photographers.

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